Haigney Newspaper Clippings

Here’s  my collection of Haigney-related newspaper clippings.  I’ll be posting article transcriptions as part of my NewsClips blog series, collecting the links here for handy reference. It’ll be updated as I finish transcriptions, at least until my clips run out.

1928: Milk Dealers Fined (Queens Daily Star, January 17, May 28, October 11)

Obituary: Peter Kelleher (Brooklyn Eagle, April 13, 1932)

Obituary: Raymond F. Haigney (Brooklyn Eagle, Nov. 28, 1940)

Ann Margaret Haigney Nurses Circus Fire Victims (Brooklyn Eagle, Aug. 20, 1944)

Social Notes, 1952 (Troy, NY Times Record)

Social Notes, 1954 (Troy, NY Times Record)

1958: Mrs. Roche Notes 88th Birthday (Troy, NY Times Record)

1960: Margaret Haigney Roche’s 90th Birthday Party (Troy, NY Times Record)

1961: Another Year, Another Birthday Party Story (Troy, NY Times Record)


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