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Bringing the past into focus, bit by bit.

lhl_2015Ancestral Archaeologist (Liz Haigney Lynch, a k a scribbler714): Based in northern New Jersey, the Archaeologist spent her formative years in the Garden State before heading to Indiana University for a degree in journalism and German. She then bounced around the country being a copy editor and writer at a number of fine newspapers, including Greenwich Time, the Miami Herald, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and the Chicago Sun-Times.

A while back the Archaeologist came home to New Jersey, where she has been a freelance writer/editor and, increasingly, obsessed with tombstones, census entries and the proceedings of obscure 19th-century state agencies. She is tons of fun at parties.

The blog is where the Archaeologist expounds upon genealogy and related family-history topics like old recipes, newspaper clippings, fuzzy memories, photographs and pets. Yes, her definition of “related” is a broad one.


Liz Haigney Lynch/Ancestral Archaeology • haigney.search@gmail.com

Need research in (or near) Essex County, N.J., just outside Manhattan? Give us a shout.

Who is the lady at the top of the page? She is Maria Pauliana Forster, one of the Archaeologist’s great-aunts. Maria Pauliana was a teenager when this photograph was taken around 1920. Not long afterward, she  became a nun in a nursing order, where she spent the rest of her life. As a very old lady, she was still helping to care for patients in a nursing home just outside Munich.

8 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Jeannine Manning says:

    Hello, I just found your article on the Children’s Home in N Plainfield NJ. This is the missing link I’ve been trying to find as my great maternal grandfather and his siblings went here for several years when their parents died. Where can I get the names of the orphans who lived here that you reference in your article? Thx

  2. Walter Reis says:

    I’m really curious regarding the reason that you are showing up on FTDNA as a YDNA-37 match to me. (Elizabeth Lynch, Y-DNA37 FF Martin Haigney, 1828-1911 R-M269 8/22/2016) Is this actually your brother’s, father’s, uncle’s result?

  3. Scott Jackson says:

    Ha, congratulations, you just dethroned the Champ !

  4. Scott Jackson says:

    Hey liz, you’re on jeopardy right now… genealogist caught my eye … me too ! The Quaker (Society of Friends), my Mothers (Rockhill’s -1400’s) side of the Family came in with William Penn’s ‘ boatloads’ and settled the Burlington NJ area(s) 1680’s… oh well, long short, I was kicking around the idea of Geno DNA but (fiscally prudent) am suspicious that the results are nothing more than a map of geographical beginnings (duh!) and not actually a connection to my pesky 3rd Great Grand Parents’ Parental beginnings (envision a car being driven by a pecan) – names, places and faces – just the facts …. ok, that was fun, hope you enjoyed it as much as me 🙂 – btw, you’re leading Jeopardy right now….

    • Hi, Scott. Thanks for watching the show. It was a great game. Re DNA: I agree it is expensive for many. But there are a lot of promising signs that DNA plus strong paper-trail research can team up to solve tricky problems. I think the key is being able to compare results with other people doing solid research AND the DNA testing. One without the other won’t work. Just a thought.

  5. Glen Lynch says:

    Hey Liz,

    Recently I received by FTDNA Y-111 DNA markers results.
    Your husband and I both descend from William Lynch of Brunswick, VA.
    The results said I am R-L226, or Irish Type 3.

    Just thought your husband might like to know that if he doesn’t already.
    Our Y-DNA would be the same as William Lynch and his ancestors.

    Best Thoughts,
    Glen Lynch

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