Summer News: Quick Hits


Oh sure, I gather information intending to share Deep Thoughts about it. But especially around this time of year, I look at my files and think, “Maybe it’s better to just get the links out there and hit the beach.”

So, um, here you go.

• In case you missed it: This is hands down the best obituary you will ever read. Here is a little more about the story behind the story.

• High school student carefully smacks down academic’s paper asserting that “No Irish Need Apply” signs were a myth, politely delivers more smackdowns in comments section of article about said smackdown.

• A genealogy project led to a sad discovery in the deep waters of a lake: A family finally has answers about a man missing for decades.

• Would you like to learn more about the “ghost villages” of Ireland? Sure you would!


One Comment on “Summer News: Quick Hits”

  1. Linda says:

    …love the obituary !

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