Short Takes: February Edition

Oh, February, you short, sharp month, you. The upside of your rude and punishing weather is that I have more time to notice news items about things going on in the Garden State. Here goes:

CLOSED FOR RENOVATIONS: Attention, genealogists interested in visiting the wonderful New Jersey Room at the Jersey City Free Public Library: The Library’s main building at the corner of Jersey Avenue and Montgomery Street is closed for two weeks as part of an ongoing overhaul. (There were previous closures last fall as well, due to demolition and asbestos-abatement work.) According to this story, the work is addressing all sorts of things, including handicapped accessibility, new windows and revamped sprinkler systems. The building is 115 years old, so it’s not terribly surprising that it’s due some TLC. Keep an eye on the library’s Facebook page for updates as construction continues. (Edited to add: The scheduled reopening has been pushed back to March 9. Again, keep checking that Facebook page if you’re planning a trip.)

DINER HISTORY: It’s a perennial lament of all the displaced New Jerseyans I know: They miss their Jersey diners. If you still live here, pay homage to this vital institution at author Michael C. Gabriele’s presentation on The History of New Jersey Diners on February 28 at the Rockaway Township Library.

And finally …

HECKUVA PLACE FOR A MAIL DROP, BUT HEY, IT WORKED: This is just a great genealogy story. A Texas genealogist visiting a Northampton County (Pennsylvania) cemetery noticed faded silk flowers placed at the graves of her husband’s ancestors. On the hunch that the bearers of the flowers might return, this enterprising person taped a message to the base of the tombstones with a name, address and phone number, requesting contact. Several months later, she heard from a relative and researcher, who lived in New Jersey and turned out to be an informational gold mine. An inspiration for us all (when we’re lucky enough to find headstones on an ancestral grave, that is).


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