Seen Over The Weekend: Armchair Travels

This time of year, I dream of exotic travels. Then I look at my actual travel budget and remind myself that staying at home can also be broadening. Plus, the kids’ passports need to be updated. But here are some dreamy travel links anyway.

• Summer vacation season, unfortunately, is also pickpocketing season in tourist destinations. American-in-Paris David Lebovitz gives an interesting rundown of scams and behaviors to guard against if you’re visiting his adopted home. I think it’s pretty good advice for tourists anywhere, personally.

• 2013 is Ireland’s official Family History Year, as good a reason as any to schedule that long-awaited Emerald Isle roots-research trip. The Irish American News ran an item about two genealogy research package tours sponsored by the Irish Ancestral Research Association (TIARA).

• Or cruise to Maine, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick on a Genealogy Conference and Cruise hosted by Wholly Genes, Inc.

• The Chicago Tribune ran this quick rundown of typical roots research/vacation destinations in Germany.



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