Seen Over The Weekend

I kept stumbling over things and saying, “I really should save that link.” So I did:

• A Vietnamese cuisine blog shares a food memory from the days of the boat-people exodus that made me a bit misty-eyed … and was a poignant reminder that many of the little children who boarded those boats with their parents are all grown up now, with families of their own. (The Ravenous Couple, via The Wednesday Chef)

• To my surprise, an ordinary intersection in an ordinary town just down the road from where I grew up in suburban New Jersey was once the epicenter for Nazi propaganda in the United States. The Star-Ledger of Newark, N.J. explains all in a fascinating article by Tom Deignan. (

• James Tanner asks a very good question for all of us whose genealogy research is increasingly measured in bits and bytes: Where do your digital rights go after you go? (Genealogy’s Star)

• Finally, pure daffiness: An Anne of Cleves/Anne of Green Gables comic-strip mash-up? In the hands of Kate Beaton, it’s satiric gold, as usual.  [Dialogue samples: “I’m Anne. … Anne with an ‘e,’ if you please. … Do you think Henry and I will be BOSOM FRIENDS?”] (Hark, A Vagrant)


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