Rainy Day Reads

So much good stuff to read this weekend — but the weather was near-perfect around here, and I couldn’t keep my mind on my text. So I waited to post these until today, which is gray and drizzly, ideal reading weather.

• A 97-year-old Holocaust survivor leaves a multimillion-dollar estate, but no will and no heirs, reports The New York Times in an especially poignant story. Hiring a genealogist is among many tasks facing a public administrator in sorting out the largest unclaimed estate in New York history. (NYT)

• Also from the Times, a look at New York City’s archivists, who occasionally (gasp!) emerge from their lairs to compare notes at the Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York. Reporter Alison Leigh Cowan notes that archivists are not to be confused with librarians, or record managers, or conservationsists. Got that? (NYT)

• A dispatch from South Jersey’s shores of the Delaware Bay, where rising seas are making an inexorably stronger impact: “I refuse to give up one house, one lot, one piece of land. These towns are 200 years old. It’s a special place. We’ve got to preserve it.” (Philly.com)

• Finally, a bit about the Bevington Object. Said object is a teensy dot in a wallet-sized photo of Gardner Island in the South Pacific. Analysts think it’s a piece of the landing gear from the Lockheed Electra flown by Amelia Earhart on her final, doomed journey. Why and how this fits in to the current state of Earhart theory makes for some very neat reading. This article is a couple of months old, I freely admit. But it is photo-nerd (and evidence-nerd) nirvana! Don’t make me cry for neglecting it before now.  (TIGHAR.org; h/t Actuarial Opinions)


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