About a zillion years ago WordPress very kindly told me that my theme was  … I can’t remember the adjective they used, but it was a polite, technocratic way of saying what my daughters more bluntly express as “so last year.”

Dutifully I examined all the many, many themes available to me, which was worse than choosing paint colors for a kid’s room. (“What color do you want?” … “Black.” … “No, really.” … “That’s what I want. That, or zebra stripes.”)

Overwhelmed by the choices, I decided to forget about themes for a while. But now it is spring, a time of new beginnings mercifully free of zebra stripes, and I decided to brighten things up. Appropriately enough, this new theme is called Clean Home, something I think we can all agree we at least aspire to.

There were a couple of bumps en route to the New Look — I think I’ve sorted out the widget thingies. (A couple of them mysteriously decided to congregate in the header area, which did not look good At. All.) So I hope you think it nifty, as I do. I basically like all the brightness. At least it will help shake me awake faster in the mornings, which cannot be a bad thing.


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