Links, 2.29.12

“Is February Too Soon to Re-Resolve?” was the question posed today at our hyperlocal news site. A truly seasonal headline, that. Even though, with Leap Year Day upon us, it might more accurately be asked if it’s too late to re-resolve.

Remembering the Ladies: You learn something new every year, and what better to learn in time for Women’s History Month than the fact that a woman was the first printer to publish the Declaration of Independence with a list of signers’ names? News to me. The story of Mary Katherine Goddard is interesting, and inspiring.

Shout-out to My Fellow Garden Staters: If you are near or in Westfield, N.J. next Thursday afternoon (March 8), don’t miss the chance to hear a talk by on Irish family research by Claire Keenan Agthe, Vice President of the Genealogical Society of New Jersey. I had the opportunity to hear Claire speak last year at Drew University, and it is safe to say she knows her stuff.

A Considered Opinion: Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby weighs in with a thoughtful and forthright take on the controversy over Mormon baptisms by proxy of Jews.

Happy Upcoming Birthday to Lorine McGinnis Schulze’s Olive Tree Genealogy website, which is about to turn sweet sixteen. You read that right – 16! That’s like, 260 in Internet years. Congratulations, and many successful years to come.


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