Links, 2.15.12

Apologizing: Very interesting article in the Deseret News about the LDS addressing the case of a church member “who last month had a posthumous proxy baptism performed for the parents of famed Holocaust survivor Simon Wiesenthal.” Said church member’s access to the church’s genealogy database has been suspended, and an apology issued.

Prognostications: At Genea-Musings, Randy Seaver posts some thought-provoking words from Jeffrey Bockman (among other things, a past president of the Illinois State Genealogical Society) on The Future of Genealogy.

Generationally Speaking: Oh, thank you, Dick Eastman, for pointing out this exceptionally cool extended generation story! It is almost better than the one about John Tyler’s grandchildren!  U.S. News and World Report has a story on the last two Civil War pensions still being paid, both to children of veterans. The recipients are reportedly in poor health. The article notes that the last Civil War veteran died in 1956, aged 109, and the last Civil War widow died in 2003, aged 93.