On the road to Rootstech 2012!

It’s total countdown mode here. I am headed to Salt Lake City for Rootstech on the 1st (is that really tomorrow?), and I can’t wait.

I was a stay-at-home last year, following the posts with envy and thinking, Yep, I gotta get out there next year. And so I am. At the moment I’m still fiddling with my schedule, awash in a sea of great workshop information. I’ve made my own big fat schedule chart that I pore over the way generals obsess over the wall maps in World War II movies. It’s dithering, but very pleasant dithering. (I did manage to abandon my chart-tweaking long enough to sign up for a couple of the hands-on workshops before they filled up.) There will be new friends to look up and official Rootstech bloggers to gawk at. (I promise to gawk in a subtle way. Really.)

Then, too, there’s the prospect of visiting the Family History Library for the first time. I am going through the obligatory first-timer’s agonizing over what to focus on first. Luckily I read Elyse’s sensible post in which she mentioned going for the books that can’t be loaned out. This stopped some of my hyperventilation, thank goodness. I’m still hyperventilating a bit, but it can now be handled by a lunch-sized brown paper bag as opposed to a supermarket-sized one.

Off to pack all my notes and drives and lists. Oh, and I guess I’d better pack some clothes, too.


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