Irish Marriages and Deaths: A Nifty Workaround

Tom Kemp at the GenealogyBank blog notes that the New York City-based newspaper The Irish American published regular reports of marriages and deaths in Ireland between 1849 to 1914. This does not sound like a definitive listing, but apparently the listings occur often enough, and in enough quantity, to be notable. Civil registration in Ireland did not begin until 1864.

The newspaper is searchable through GenealogyBank, which is a subscription service, but is also often accessible through public libraries.


2 Comments on “Irish Marriages and Deaths: A Nifty Workaround”

  1. Ellen McGrath Rozsa says:

    Hi, Liz! I’m doing the family tree thing on and my roots are Irish and German as well. I just ordered my first film from LDS (RC church records from Rahoon parish, Galway) and I’m teaching myself along the way. Good to know you’re way ahead of me! I think I’ve pretty well exhausted the online records (IFHS) and I’ve explored every family association webpage for my Irish ancestors, so perhaps the Irish newspapers have some information. God knows the Greenwich Graphic didn’t think my bog-trotting ancestors from Cork and Carlow meritted obituaries or wedding announcements.

    Congratulations on your website.

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