Links, 1.11.12

Linking away …

Networked: Popular research workshops from NARA are now online, and DearMyrtle gives an informative writeup if you are interested in learning more.

Class Consciousness: Registration for classes at the Institute of Genealogy and Historical Research opens on Tuesday, Jan. 17; so says their Facebook page. For those with the time and means, this institute at Samford University (from June 10-15), is a wonderful opportunity to pursue in-depth study with top names in the field. These include Elizabeth Shown Mills, whose “Advanced Methodology and Evidence Analysis” seminar is in the kind of demand usually associated with getting a breakfast reservation at Cinderella’s table at Disney World. (A commenter at Dick Eastman’s place said that it has been known to fill up in 15 minutes. Wow!) But I digress. Here is the link to the course listing.

Simpler Steps: The month is still young … time remains to take on Lorine McGinnis Schulze’s Write an Ancestor Tribute challenge. I especially like Lorine’s suggestion to keep it to one page. Not only does this encourage focused writing, it keeps the project down to a manageable idea, as opposed to the massive family history tome so many of us swear we’ll write someday, but never do. Imagine if we just tackled it one profile at a time!


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