Links, 1.04.12

And … the links are off and running for 2012.

Resolutely yours: Naturally, many of us are weighing in with lists of goals for 2012, in a charmingly plainspoken way at that. A representative sampling:

“Back up your genealogy data”: Thomas MacEntee.

“Learn how to look up one new type of genealogical record”: Pattie at Everyday Genealogy.

“Set deadlines”: Lorine McGinnis Schulze.

“Finish a project”: Kris Hocker.

And, the one that made me smile ear to ear — “Have fun chasing these people”: Brenda Joyce Jerome.

Do you mind if I just make this my list? I can’t improve upon these.

Kindle spirit: Did you get a Kindle for Christmas? I did. I am having so much fun with it. The only thing that would make my fun complete, if I had a New York Public Library card, is Ebook Central, which the NYPL officially launched this week. Alas, I do not qualify for an NYPL card, but  I still found Ebook Central a fascinating look at the new ways we will be relating to libraries in the future. And if you do qualify, and want to get tips on how your e-reader and NYPL card can relate to one another, the library is offering in-person help sessions from now until January 13. Edited to add: I’m told I might qualify after all, what with me being on a joint return that pays NY state taxes.  Stay posted.

Conventionally speaking: Wondering about RootsTech 2012? It’s only a month away. (Excitingly enough, I am going.) Dick Eastman recently provided a useful rundown on Salt Lake City logistics.

Classics: Yes, I am late to the party on this, but I feel duty-bound to say that Michael Hait’s The Genealogy Paradigm Shift: Are Bloggers The New Experts? and Marian Pierre-Louis’  thoughtful follow-up, Genre and Genealogy, are unquestionably headed for the Seminal Post Hall Of Fame.

Military intelligence: Ireland’s military records are going online, an interesting development. Here is the press write-up, and here is the link. H/t to Janet Crawford of  Rootsweb’s Tipperary email list.


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