OT: Grammar Lesson

My fifth-grade English teacher, Mrs. Ward, taught us nominative and accusative pronouns by teaching us to recite them like a football chant: “I! You! He-She-It! We! You! They!
Well, Mrs. Ward would have loved this gem, shared by a friend on Facebook (original Facebook link here). I have to say it’s the most elegant, painless grammar lesson I’ve seen in quite a while, possibly since the football cheering pronouns.

From now on, every time I’m wondering about a grammar question, I’m going to be thinking about that bar.


One Comment on “OT: Grammar Lesson”

  1. Anything to restore the quality of the use of English language! If you had diligent English teachers, as I did in the Schenectady public schools, the wince reaction is frequently felt, but diplomatically unexpressed.

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