Links I Just Kind of Like a Lot

This week has not been great for keeping up with frankly much of anything, except maybe toothbrushing. Oh, and I somehow managed to catch my thumb in the salad-spinner mechanism, thereby proving that even fresh greens can be a dangerous thing in my house.

So instead of the usual links from all over, I’m going back to some places that have always struck me as wonderfully useful, or fun to poke around in, or just nice. Comfort links, if you will.

Birth, Death, Marriage, Infinity:

Passaic County (NJ) Cemeteries list: Need a cemetery around here? The Passaic County Genealogy Club has got you covered.

Rockland County (NY) Cemeteries: Another one of those areas right outside NYC that seems really mysterious to out-of-towners because “New York” coverage often just means five boroughs. This is a great, descriptive table, courtesy of the Genealogical Society of Rockland County.

New York City Vital Records: I can’t not list this, well-known as it is. It’s like an old friend I drop in on every so often. “Hey there! Seen any of my peeps lately?” Also I send them a little something at Christmas because they are just that cool.

Troy Irish Genealogy Society, Burden Newspaper Clippings (Deaths): Really, all the projects these guys put up are worth looking at if your people passed through the Troy, NY region. The newspaper clippings are from a file maintained by employees of Troy’s Burden Iron Company and are arranged by last name. There’s also a database of marriage clippings.

Toolbox Items: Never a dull moment plugging in a surname on this genealogy metasearch site. OK, well, there are actually quite a few dull moments — you know how it goes — but like the NYC vital records, you just never know what will pop up when. I recently found a burial record here for a baby I’d assumed I was never going to find.

The 5 Most Misused Words And Phrases In Genealogy: Because I like to wince a lot. Thanks, Michael Hait.

Cornell University Age Calculator: In case anyone lost theirs.

Heritage stuff:

Gesellschaft für Familienforschung in Franken e.V.: The Society for Family Research in Franconia! Of course you knew that! Or maybe you clicked on the button for the English translation of the site. They will even explain where Franconia is, which honestly everyone should know because my grandparents are from there.

Ireland Genealogy Projects: Tipperary: I like the links list here, especially.

Picture this:

New York Public Library Digital Gallery: A terrific browse.

Plainfield (NJ) Public LIbrary Digital Archive: Photos, blueprints and postcards. I grew up near here so I love to look around.

These are just some of my favorite links for a rainy day. What are yours?


4 Comments on “Links I Just Kind of Like a Lot”

  1. HF says:

    Just found out that my local library has taken its wonderful photo collection offline due to budget cuts. Very sad. The originals are still available, with a hard copy index in a 3-ring binder, if you can get down to the library during its business hours. I had been so spoiled my the ease and accessibility of the online collection!

  2. As a founding member of the Troy Irish Genealogy Group I want to thank the author for her kind words. Our group works tirelessly to bring vital records to the public free via our Website. We continue to seek out records to transcribe and always welcome volunteer transcribers. Bill McGrath, our Project Manager and Jeanne Keefe our Website Coordinator are the rocks that our organization are founded on. Special thanks to them.
    Kristin Cooney-Ayotte

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