Links, 10.3.11

As I type, the chill of fall is in the air, finally. How’s that for an well-worn opening sentence? Next thing you know, I’ll be starting off with “It was a dark and stormy night.” Sheesh. Better just start listing links.

Information please: A gaggle of new databases went up at Here is one rundown, from Leland Meitzler.

Um, easy?!?: Sharon Tate Moody takes a sharp look at a well-meant genealogy-for-beginners pep talk and makes the excellent point that while genealogy is certainly fun, it is not always easy.

Workshopping it: For those of us having genealogy fun here in New Jersey, Jersey Journal columnist Daniel Klein has our back with a look at the fall season of genealogy workshops in the Garden State.

Delaware finds: Meanwhile, a little further south down the road, Delaware residents (Delawarians?) can access Delaware naturalizations from 1796 through 1850 on by using a portal through their state library and their state library cards. Sweet.

Online gold: Everyone searches online, but not everyone has James Tanner’s laser focus. Read his case study of how a well-chosen variety of online sources can make effective headway in documenting an ancestor. Also this week, Mr. Tanner reassured us Mac users that You Can Do Genealogy On a Mac.

And they all lived happily ever after. There, you’ve had your official timeworn ending sentence, too. Have a nice week.


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