Follow Friday: Genealogy Research Process Map

I’m sure somebody else has written about this already. Positive. But I figure something this good really can’t get enough press.

It’s the Genealogy Research Process Map – a .pdf file containing a clear, attractive visual scheme to walk us through the core principles of sound genealogical research — goals, plans, sourcing, making the case.

We owe this very, very cool device to Mark Tucker at Think Genealogy. It reminds me of the old Life board game, but with genealogy methodology instead of little plastic cars.

Sooner or later if we plug away at this long enough, we start wondering how to do it right, for real. If you’re at that point, the Research Process Map is a detailed yet easy to follow introduction to genealogical proofs the way the pros see them. Truly, a thing of beauty.

Be patient; the page may take a while to load. Particularly if, as is often the case with yours truly, you are on a fussy wireless connection. But it is worth it.


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