Links, 8.29.11

What will be the state of the links come Monday? Depends on the state of the power lines around here. If the links seem inappropriately cheery,  it’s because the post was scheduled to go out before the lights went out. Or it’s because the links are just stiff-upper-lip types.

Guessing game: Via Dick Eastman, a new UK genealogy show called Guess the Relative is looking for people from anyplace in the world who think they may have British ancestry. Read all about it.

1890 workaround: The 1890 census, almost entirely lost in a 1921 fire, is a famous blank spot for U.S. researchers, who must turn to a variety of local and regional resources to fill in the gap. Here is an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article on a Georgia alternative: 1890 tax digests.

OMG Gaga — so cute!: updated its high school yearbook collection in a big way last week, adding 7 million images. It is time for a story with the obligatory Lady Gaga angle.

Gravedigging: The Genealogy Geek series continues with a primer on Finding the Dead.

On the road: A review of the Irish family-history program Genealogy Roadshow.

And off we go on the inevitable march towards Labor Day. Enjoy the (hopefully dry) week.


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