Taking the opportunity to mention that the blog will do its best to keep chugging, but Hurricane Irene might have other ideas about when and how. Be safe, everybody.


Storm Links, 8.27.11

Gentle Reader,  I am assuming you are the person who bought up all the D batteries and Spaghetti-Os in my hometown, so you’ve got that taken care of. What about your genealogy treasures? A-ha! Weren’t thinking of that while you were loading up, were you?

Fortunately the Internet is full of advice. A lot of it is good to keep in mind even if you aren’t considering the ramifications of an uncooperative tropical weather system.

From Stanczyk — Internet Muse: Backups and plastic bags — stat.

Do you know what your data backup plan is? From

General preservation and disaster-preparedness tips for your keepsakes from Texana Archives.

NARA’s disaster preparedness tips. This is via Diane at Genealogy Insider, who provides other news tidbits related to Irene, the recent East Coast earthquake and their impact on the D.C.-area archives.)

Ed. Note: Back in what seems a lifetime ago, Mr. Archaeologist and I were packing the pitifully small amount of items we could squeeze into our Honda Civic as we prepared to leave our condo in advance of Hurricane Andrew. The phone rang with a call from a friend who was a lifelong Floridian: “Take the stuff you absolutely can’t replace. Your important papers. Your photo albums. Be safe.”

Still good advice, whatever you happen to be fleeing.