Links, 8.22.11

Looks like our most recent big news is the transformation of into … Fold3? What sort of name is that? It sounds like something to do with origami. Or poker. Anyway, it doesn’t sound like genealogy, is my point. Marketing is so weird sometimes.

On to the links:

Footnote notes: So starts tweaking Footnote, which it acquired last year — giving it a new name, and putting its emphasis exclusively on military records. More from Michael Hait and Dick Eastman (interesting comments here, too). Megan Smolyenak considers the Footnote changes in tandem with developments with Google News Archive with a twinge of trepidation.

Disappearing acts: This article on tracking down “runaway” husbands (and wives) offers encouragement for those tracking down people who made themselves vanish, whether it was to get married in the first place against their parents’ wishes, or to leave a marriage they no longer wanted.

Revolutionary: Reporter Cheryl Wills writes about the “ancestral revolution” born of  the current genealogy boom.

Channeling: The Deseret News reports on the expansion and refurbishing of FamilySearch’s YouTube channel.

Case study: Nice book review out of Bowling Green, Ky.: Librarian Nancy Richey takes a look at The Washingtons of Wessyngton Plantation and explains why it’s a great example of exciting progress in African-American family history research.

Here’s wishing you all a productive week.


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