Links, 8.8.11

The links and I went on vacation last week. But vacations end and overflowing mailboxes remain.

Just a quick glance showed me that while I was gone, JK Rowling got the Who Do You Think You Are? treatment (British edition), a preponderance of Australian Gen-Ys said they would prefer that their census forms were destroyed, and apparently much of Western Europe turned out to be  related to King Tut.

You just can’t turn your back on the Internet for a second, people. Anyway:

Feasting: Delicious entries at the Carnival of Genealogy, 108th Edition: Food. I threw some cake into the mix on this one and had a complete blast reading a great collection of musings on food, family and the occasional bout of indigestion. A few examples:

• Great pictures (and some delightfully dogmatic pronouncements) from Judy Cole at  It Must Have Been Something I Ate.

• Bill West explains the ins and outs of Blue Collar Cuisine (and condolences that Bill, too, experienced liver and onions in his formative years).

• Carnival host Jasia has a tell-all about the tasty (no, really!) Duck Blood Soup, which she bravely resists calling by its less-scary  alternate name, Czarnina.

• Debbie at Mascot Manor asks Who Are These People?, reminding us that the stories behind the recipes need to be recorded, too.

• Also, NoliChucky Roots reminds us that some food fashions die deserving deaths in Salad Oughtn’t Wiggle.

Read them all but make sure you’ve had a meal first or else you’ll be raiding the refrigerator.

Irish data: Very interesting analysis tools from the National Centre for Geocomputation: an atlas examining population shifts during Ireland’s Great Famine, along with an Irish Famine Data Atlas. h/t Pat Connors, NY-Irish listserve.

More Irish data: Pat also mentioned a link to an online collection of 70,000 burial records from County Kerry, searchable by name, date and location. This reflects 140 cemeteries that are under the control of Kerry Local Authorities. More about the scope and background of this database here.

Enjoy the week!


3 Comments on “Links, 8.8.11”

  1. Susan says:

    Thanks for mentioning the Jello nightmare. I am afraid though it hasn’t completely died. My (legally adult) children seem to have reincarnated it with increasingly bizarre Jello shots….

  2. Judy says:

    Thanks for the mention Am I dogamtic? Maybe. Certainly when it comes to bagels, but that’s OK because I’m right.

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