I Meant To Do That …

It’s been one of those months, as I said — full of things I thought would be cool to write about that didn’t make it into reality. Before they slip my mind again, I’d better at least mention some of them:

• The updated and terrific-as-ever Cyndi’s List. Amazing, the stuff you find in there. And I can’t believe it’s already 15+ years old.

• A wow-factor story (courtesy of Randy Seaver) of distant (mitochondrial DNA) cousins meeting up at the SCGS Genealogy Jamboree.

• James Tanner’s latest update on FamilySearch.org, and how I’ve come to look forward to his monthly updates on all the exciting things happening over there.

• Finally, a plug for my kid’s school, which did a neat DNA+World Geography project this year. A bunch of our teachers took DNA swabs and created fascinating maps of where everyone began, and how they got to where they are now.