Links, 5.16.11

Monday blues? Never! At least, not for long. Links always help.

Awkward: Finding uncomfortable facts in family history is an occupational hazard for genealogists. Columnist Betty Malesky serves up a few compelling examples.

Schoolwork: An interesting initiative gives Alameda County (CA) high school students a chance to study genealogy. As a study topic, it has a way of expanding perspectives, organizers say. Or as one student puts it: “You just don’t come from any old thing.”

Make it count: Wired magazine continues its Genealogy for Geeks series with a primer on using censuses.

Background factors: The LexGo blog of Lexington, Ky., has a review of a book I think I’d like to read — a case study of families whose histories  intersect in complicated ways with the history of race and class in the U.S.

Blogger blackout: Lorine at Olive Tree Genealogy confronts the painful truths of the BloggerFail 2011 and asks other bloggers: How do you back up your blogs? More on the epic fail at Genealogy’s Star. In another angle, Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings tells what he did while Blogger was down.

Kinfolk: Lady Gaga and Madonna are distant cousins, says a “Hollywood genealogy expert.” No doy.

Around and about at NGS 2011: releases a major collection of Civil War records.

Ancestry Insider covers NARA chief David S. Ferriero’s address.

Lovely conference postcards from Greta Koehl, Linda McCauley, Jennifer (and daughter Ellie) at Climbing My Family Tree, to name a few. If you were there and posted something about your experience, tell us in the comments. Pretty please from those of us with mingy travel budgets?

Hope everyone traveled safely or just played nice, whatever you were up to. Have a great week.


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