Wordless Wednesday: A Dog in Le Havre

This great picture turned up as I was going through my files, trying to pull together a stunning pets post for the 52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy Pets Prompt, and failing miserably.

Not because I lacked pets photos, but because there were so many cool ones.

Like this one.

Aaaand … I kept trying to come up with ways to tie all the pets pictures together in one remarkable, compelling post.

A Pets Post of PluPerfect Proportions. Deep Themes! Deft Transitions! Daring Analogies!

Result: No Pets Post at all. I always overthink things. Sorry.

But here is this fine pup anyway. I cannot tell you who the gentlemen in the picture are. But my father, Peter Haigney, was almost certainly the man behind the camera. And I can tell you that the tower in the background belongs to the The Cathedrale Notre-Dame du Havre, said to be the oldest of the few buildings in the central part of Le Havre to survive the wartime bombardments. The picture was likely taken in November 1945.

And in my next post I’ll explain how I figured some of this out through research into my dad’s Coast Guard ship and where it traveled. I promise not to overthink things this time.


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