Links, 5.09.11

Greetings from the Post-Mother’s Day Celebration Headquarters. Hope your celebrations were fine, where applicable.

Now back to work, right?

Roots travel: Now you know it’s big business: The Wall Street Journal reports on genealogical tourism.

Get outta my tree: Columnist Sharon Tate Moody asks what point of etiquette applies to uninvited aristocrats on your family tree — which happens when other researchers graft online twigs to it with more enthusiasm than care. Funny post on a perennially vexing topic.

Irish records: The Courier newspaper reports that UK online publisher Brightsolid is launching a new Irish-centric genealogy site,, an offshoot of their findmypast site. The venture is in partnership with an Irish history/heritage company, Eneclann. Not clear when things will really be up and running, but here are some records the firm says will be included: wills, the 1798 Rebellion Census and “exclusive publication of the Landed Estates Court Records, which includes details of more than 500,000 tenants on Irish estates.”

Resting places: CBS station KYW in Philadelphia provides a glimpse of the historic Christ Church graveyard and the people who go ancestor hunting in it. P.S. It’s a neat spot to visit even if you don’t have an ancestor there.

In Blog Post Land:

• Have you taken a look at the FamilySearch Research Wiki? If you haven’t, James Tanner explains why you should.

• Joan Miller at Luxegen shares insights on social media marketing from a recent conference.

• What happens when a person just decides to hold a webinar on the fly? Maybe build-up is overrated, as this Dear Myrtle article on  so-called Flash Webinars suggests.

• I liked this tip of the day from Michael John Neill: Be patient with beginning genealogists. Most veterans I know are wonderful,  but a couple of regular posters on my email loops could use a reminder.

• Don’t miss this roundup of Irish genealogy news items from Deborah Large Fox at Help! The Faerie Folk Hid My Ancestors!

• Nice post on the genealogy of a stove company, and why it matters,  from Olive Tree Genealogy Blog.

I plan to continue writing up some ancestor profiles I’ve been working on and finish documenting some old photos I recently put into a non-sticky, non-evil magnetic album. What’s up with your genealogy this week?


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  1. Thanks for the mention! Have a great week 🙂

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