Royal Wedding Fun: Find Your Noble Name

Apparently only 6 percent of United States-ians really care about Will and Kate getting married tomorrow and whether they can save Great Britain, which last time I looked, seemed to be hanging in there.

But that shouldn’t stop us from playing silly Facebook games about this event! Priorities, people!

Here’s a funny one:

In honor of the big wedding on Friday, what is your royal wedding guest name? Start with either Lord or Lady. Your first name is one of your grandparents’ names. Your surname is the name of your first pet, hyphenated with the name of the street you grew up on.

I ended up with “Lady Eva CeeBee-Jackson.” (Which reminds me, I need to write that pets post about our dog CeeBee!)

But I am endlessly jealous of Mr. Archaeologist’s surname result of “Marmaduke-Farmingdale.” I am so stealing that for a fictional character.

(h/t to my Facebook friend Gigi!)


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