Liz Taylor’s Heartland Roots

Elizabeth Taylor, who was probably the reason the word “fabulous” was invented, and who died on Wednesday at age 79, had family roots in Springfield, Ill., reports the State-Journal Register.

Imagine that!

“Taylor’s father, art dealer Francis Lenn Taylor, was born in Springfield on Dec. 28, 1897. His parents, Francis Marion Taylor and Elizabeth Mary Rosemond, were married in Sangamon County Feb. 27, 1890.”

Now that isn’t as fabulous as being 15 minutes late (intentionally) to your own funeral, but it’s still pretty darn fabulous if you’re from Springfield, as is Mr. Archaelogist (a k a the guy at  Actuarial Opinions), to whom I owe this important genealogical tidbit.

And let us also not forget that Springfield is hosting the 2011 Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference in September.

This concludes today’s news update regarding Springfield fabulousness. You’re welcome, Springfield.


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