Links, 3.7.11

Grave topic: Selma Blackmon at’s Atlanta site reports that a National Archives volunteer at the Atlanta facility  found text records for relocated burials from 31 Kentucky cemeteries. Apparently these cemeteries were relocated as part of the Grayson Reservoir Project in Carter County, Kentucky. The file includes 600 names of those interred, plus correspondence involving notification of next of kin. One caution:  This page bristles with pop-up windows. But the information is interesting and might be of use to researchers examining this Kentucky county.

Going West: Western Canada: Nova Scotia-based columnist Diane Lynn Tibert reminds us that images of the 1916 census of the western Canadian provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta have been online for a few months now. As she points out, this was a period in which immigrants flocked to western Canada from Europe and the U.S. Heads-up: The images are not indexed by name. The database is here.

Who’s That Again?: The Medill School of Journalism website offers Who Does She Think She Is?, a nice Q and A with Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak. It’s a freewheeling piece, touching upon topics like the difficulties of celebrity genealogy (“Celebrities have layers and layers of protectors”) and the dangers of jumping to conclusions (“In two hours you proved every one of those parent-to-child links. You’re absolutely sure about that?”). Fun read!

Please Query: Everyone has to write a query sooner or later, even if it’s just for an online roll call. It’s one of those things you might think you’re doing effectively, but one never knows, does one? Here’s a good how-to guide.


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