Links, 1.17.11

Happy Monday! And of course, it is also Dr. King’s birthday (observed — Martin Luther King Jr.’s actual birthday was Saturday). See how you do on this Martin Luther King Day quiz, courtesy of the Christian Science Monitor.

Letters from the past: Part of the Growing Bolder series at Huffington Post, a moving look at Joanie Schirm, a Florida native whose exploration of family letters from Czechoslovakia during the Holocaust led to a deeper understanding of her father’s life.

Cleveland burials: Another massive indexing project: Volunteers have indexed thousands of Cleveland burial records. I had trouble getting the news story’s link to work. Try this one.

NJ news: Good news if you’re digging in the Garden State! The National Genealogical Society has published a “Research in the States” series guide to New Jersey. H/t to Jersey Journal genealogy columnist Daniel Klein.

Calendar items: Have you seen the Genealogy Blog Editorial Calendar at GeneaBloggers? A dizzying array of information and prompts.

Bye-bye mortgage: Congrats to the Illiana Genealogical and Historical Society, which has “burned the mortgage” on its Danville, IL facility. Local columnist Joan Griffs has more on the society and its holdings.

Digital doings: Canada’s National Library and Archives says that over the next seven years it intends to go completely digital. Here is a report on what that might mean in practical terms.

Grant program: Via Diane Haddad at Genealogy Insider, details of a grant program from open to both individuals and societies seeking to complete family history or preservation projects.

Embracing change: Brenda at Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog has a wake-up call for local genealogy societies: If your attendance is dwindling, it’s time to make some changes.

Daily diary: Jasia has begun her very own Project 365. If you haven’t heard, this means taking a picture and posting it every day for 365 days. Interesting to think how impossible such a visual diary would have been for a lot of folks even a decade ago. Now it’s a meme! h/t Greta Koehl at Greta’s Genealogy Bog.

Passport perspective: Michael at Irish Roots Cafe spotlights the topic of using your genealogy to get Irish citizenship if you haven’t got it already. I think it’s one of the most succinct run-downs of a subject that grabs a lot of attention on Irish-American genealogy listservs.

Scouting around: Jennifer at Erudite Genealogist embarked on a quest to gather genealogy resources for her resident Cub Scouts to earn a Heritage Belt Loop. Given the interest kids often show in old photos and family trees, you’d think this would be a slam-dunk, but I’ve had mixed experiences finding user-friendly activity planning materials. Check out what she came up with and how the meeting went!

Now we’re off to an MLK Day of Service event at the older kid’s middle school. Enjoy the week!


One Comment on “Links, 1.17.11”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Thanks so much for the call-out! It really was fun presenting to the cub scouts. I hope I get to do it again!

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