Links, 1.11.11

The unexpected dividend of delaying the links by a day is a terribly catchy post title, no?

Credentialed: So you wanna have some letters after your name? Kimberly Powell writes about Options for Becoming a Credentialed Genealogist.

Rated: The Motley Fool financial-advice column takes a look at’s fortunes (and prospects) now that stock analysts have given it another thumbs-up.

Playing: An Orem, Utah-based company has devised a genealogy game app for Facebook. Called Family Village, it’s scheduled for a February debut. You have been warned.

Booming: Australia is undergoing a genealogy boom, like a lot of places. I mainly included this item because of the lead: “Family skeletons are streaming out of closets … ” [Edited to add: On a far more serious note, prayers and good thoughts for those affected by the unprecedented and  devastating floods in Queensland. Information on relief efforts here.]

Migrating: I love this topic! Asheville, N.C. writer Dee Gibson-Roles offers  a look at migration patterns and how they can help you trace your ancestors.

Secure: Dick Eastman offers an informative look at laptop security, including a primer on Cable Locks 101. To be honest, I have never used a cable lock at the library or the archives. But I have never left my laptop unattended, either. I have bumped along with the lug-it-around-in-a-backpack method, but my back is beginning to think it’s time for a lock.

Enjoy the week, and the snow, if there happens to be some coming your way!


Death Records Added: NJ Archives

Via Joan Manierre Lowry of the NJ-GSNJ listserve comes this announcement:

The New Jersey State Archives has now added several more years to the death
records available on microfilm at the Archives.  Death records from 1941
through 1946 are now available in the microfilm search room!  Another 9
years will be coming soon.  These are provided as a public service to
researchers and can be copied.  (And, yes, they DO include the cause of

Remember, however, that these records are available for in-person use only
and the archives staff cannot assist with mail or email requests for these
records at this time.  (Archives staff can only provide copies from those
records for which they hold originals.  At the present time that includes up
through 1900.)

If you cannot get to the records in person, remember we provide a list of
professional researchers on the GSNJ website: – then click on
“Professional Researchers” in the left hand column.

As Joan says — happy hunting!