Forsooth! That Yeare Wente Fast.

Author note:

It’s my first blogiversary. I didn’t know what to write about it, but happily a pair of (nonexistent) ancestors came to the rescue and channeled this conversation on the topic.


“Indede, you sholde starte a blogge, goodwife,” quoth the goodman. “It will kepe thy hands busy & thy thoughts from evil. It will also putte to good use the ancestral files that overfloweth the cellar and make it an offence to the eyes of honest folk.”

“Husband, that is a moste rotten idea,” quoth the goodwife.


“Because there are, lyke, ten zillion blogges? Surely the Almighty hath blest us with them in abundance?”

“Not about genealogy He hath not.”

“Oh, goody, goodman, that narrowes it down to three zillion. Three zillion and one, were I to starte one.”

“Verily, thou art a Debbie Downer with a curst tongue to boot, goodwife. A blogge mighte be funne.”

“Funne?! Husband, hast thou taken leave of thy senses? A blogge is not a frivolous thing of light amusement. A blogge sholde offer more.”

“What, then?”

“Moral instruction. Prudence. Wisdom.”

“And laughes. Forswear not the laughes.  A blogge with a laughe or two will be funne. Even if you keep that other stuffe.”

“Oh, you winne, I’ll blogge,” the goodwife groaned. “But I take unto myselfe the right to hogge all the coffee of a morning.”