Links, 11.15.10

Hey, you young whippersnappers — you don’t know how good you’ve got it! Once upon a time there were no genealogy TV shows! And no blogs! And there was no DNA, either. Well, there was but it hadn’t been discovered yet.  And nobody even wrote about genealogy in the newspapers unless there was a Bicentennial or something! That’s right.

But now there are a lot of newspapers that deal with genealogy on a regular basis in their print and Web editions, as evidenced by this interesting bunch of genealogy-related columns this week. We’re all getting soft, I tell you.

Record hunting: I like advice that isn’t afraid to explain the basics about the basics. Julie Miller has a lovely summary on how to figure out which genealogy records are important to have, and how to narrow them down by location and time frame so you get just what you want.

Splitsville: Divorces are not the most pleasant events to live through, but as Sharon Tate Moody points out in an article about colonial and English divorces,  they can leave awfully interesting records behind.

Church matters: Wilkes-Barre (Pa.) columnist Tom Mooney considers ways to narrow the search for an ancestor’s church records. (Yes, there are things to be done other than posting a query that says “Anyone know if the Church of XXX still exists?”)

Pack that trunk: Michigan columnist Carol Goodenough shares the high points — and unexpected finds — from a recent genealogy trip, in an article brimming with tips and great examples of why there’s no substitute for going on the road.

Kid stuff: OK, it breaks the columnist theme, but … it is always nice to hear of ways to get kids interested in genealogy. (I must say that Who Do You Think You Are had a kid-friendly aspect — was it something about those shiny family tree graphics?) Anyway, here’s an update on books and websites for kids interested in tracing family trees.

And speaking of kids today — kids don’t know how good they’ve got it! Books and websites teaching them how to do genealogy! Why, I had to learn it from my big brother’s Webelos book! That’s right. Excuse me while I go walk ten miles to school in the snow. And have a nice week, you slackers.


One Comment on “Links, 11.15.10”

  1. And not only that, but when we did go to the courthouse, we walked 5 miles barefoot in the snow uphill both ways!! 🙂 Great post – it brought a smile to my face AND it was filled with wonderful links. Thanks!

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