Links, 10.4.10

One of the perks of blogging is that one can just skip the introduction if one doesn’t have anything snappy to say. In fact, it is probably better to shut up if one doesn’t have anything snappy to say. Let the links speak!

Emerald Isle stuff: The National Library of Ireland has made several collections of vintage photos available online. Not sure how long they’ve been up, but they’re very interesting. Images date from the mid-19th century. (h/t to Bob Ryan of the NY-IRISH listserv) … Also, they write letters to the editor over there. Especially when they’re disgruntled at the service at the Irish Records Office. This one is a masterpiece of factual detail and polite contempt.

Wasteful or prescient?: There is criticism in Norfolk, Va. about hiring a cemetery records keeper for $42K annually when the city’s finances are strapped, as are many municipal finances nationwide. The city says the current system of index cards is falling behind. Critics say the records are in good shape due to the current efforts by a mix of city staff and volunteers. One can only hope the record keeping doesn’t fall by the wayside, however it ends up getting done.

Brick wall basics: I always like Martin Rigby’s columns in the Liverpool Echo. This time out he offers a clearly written primer on  attacking brick-wall problems. I wonder how often all the really obvious stuff has been tried before a brick wall is declared? I think I’ll use this article to make a checklist for myself.

Blog bits:

— Kimberly Powell tackles tombstone translations (and gives me a chance to alliterate away, while she’s at it).

— Sassy Jane blogs about the anatomy of a mistake. This sort of ‘fess-up is always incredibly helpful to read.

— Chris Staats uses a nifty construction analogy to sort out his arguments about Internet research, pro and con.

— At GeneaBloggers, a call for genealogy blog participation in Blog Action Day 2010: Water, with some intriguing prompts to get you going. Also via GeneaBloggers, we are reminded that the academic journal site SAGE Journals is offering free access until October 15 — a good chance to gather background on whatever esoteric question is on your mind.

I’m off to buy a pumpkin for the squirrels to attack. Hope you enjoy the week.


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