Links, 9.20.10

It’s the I-word edition of links. Hey, gimmicks happen sometimes.

Impressive: Michelle at Babble offers five highly creative ways to represent a family tree. They really belong in art galleries.

Intriguing: Jen Thorpe’s musings upon discovering her own early attempt to compile a family tree are an interesting read.  Thorpe herself had forgotten about her effort, made just after her grandmother died. As she writes: “I didn’t even realize that I’d put these notes away, for the ‘Future Me’ (the one who was expected to have much more free time than ‘Past Me’), to find. Yet, here they are.” Sounds like they’ll be valuable, too.

Indefinite: I know that James Tanner’s No Absolutes post at Genealogy’s Star has been linked elsewhere, but it is too cool not to mention. Read it if you haven’t already. It reminds me about a novel I read years ago that touched in a very affecting way upon this topic of how impossible it is to have the final say on how things “really were.”  I have to dig into my memory now and find that book!

Involved: October is Family History Month. Close to my home, here’s what the Hudson County (N.J.) Genealogical Society is doing to celebrate. What’s up in your neck of the woods? Also, DearMYRTLE reports the latest on’s upcoming outings in Boston, Pleasanton, Calif. and Atlanta. Sounds like educational fun if your travel budget permits.

Inspiring: I really liked this photo from a Rosh Hashanah street fair in Buenos Aires, Argentina — a long line of people waiting at a genealogy booth to see if they can find out more about their ancestors.

Upon re-reading this edition, it seems inconceivable that it boasts no news about Irish, Italian or Iberian genealogy, and must resort to these honorary links as a result. Honestly, what is the world coming to?

Have an incredible week anyway.


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