Wisdom Wednesday: A Quotable Quote

For Wisdom Wednesday, I offer this pithy advice about the golden years from my great-great aunt Maggie Haigney Roche (1870-1964):

“Age doesn’t floor you, unless you let it!”

Maggie lived to be 94 and was a live wire right up to the end, if newspaper accounts of her doings in Colonie and Watervliet, N.Y. are any indication. Mind you, she wasn’t doing anything scandalous. She just was the sort of person who had a lot of friends and threw a lot of parties. Not a bad way to live — at any age.


One Comment on “Wisdom Wednesday: A Quotable Quote”

  1. Nancy Curran says:

    Maybe this is genealogy related:
    Old age is something you have to train for!
    Old age isn’t for sissies!

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