NewsClips: 1952 and Mary (Haigney) Walker

Today’s NewsClips are in honor of the August babies of the family. That would include my sister Mary, my brother John and my daughter, Nora, who turns 13 today. (And who will give me a hard time for mentioning her in the blog. But Happy Birthday anyway, sweetie!)

These NewsClips feature another August baby in the Haigney family, my great-great aunt Mary “Mamie” (Haigney) Walker (1872-1956), who celebrated her birthday Aug. 16. As I’ve noted, I’m grouping these little local news snippets by year.

Included in these items are Mary Haigney Walker, her son Edward, her niece Catherine Haigney and nephews Donald Haigney and Peter Haigney (my dad). Sounds like Mary had a terrific surprise party that year!

The Times Record, Troy, N.Y. Saturday evening, Sept. 6, 1952

[Two items from the Sept. 6 local happenings column:]

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Haigney, Miss Catherine Haigney and Peter Haigney of Brooklyn were guests on Kelly Road over Labor Day.


Mrs. Mary Walker of Kelly Road recently celebrated her eightieth birthday. At the time she was at the summer home of her sons in Far Rockaway and was surprised with a large dinner party of relatives and friends. Mrs. Walker was honored with a large birthday cake. Four generations of Walkers were represented by Mrs. Walker, her son, Edward, grandson and great-granddaughter. Mrs. Walker was accompanied on her trip by a sister, Margaret, who soon will celebrate her 83rd birthday. They are the daughters of the late Mr. and Mrs. Martin Haigney of Watervliet. Their father was stationed as a soldier at the Arsenal more than sixty years ago.

The Times Record, Troy, NY, Monday October 13, 1952

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Walker and Mrs. Lena Geis and daughter ­Reia, of Brooklyn, have been guests at the home of Martin Haigney of Kelly Road.


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