Links 6.28.10

Keeping it real this week, at least until it’s time to chuck it all and go lie by the pool.

The real deal: A few weeks ago, I wanted to star in my own detective show as a professional probate genealogist. Well, Robert Nemecek has written the book on genealogy detective work, literally. He calls it Mr. Locator, which is way snappier than anything I could have come up with. Dick Eastman reports about it, and here’s the press release about Nemecek’s reminisces of over 30 years of tracking down wayward heirs and lost inheritances.

Really permanent? At Tonia’s Roots, a post about using the Evernote application for genealogy is, frankly, a great overview of notetaking in the 21st Century. To cite just one example: What happens when a boffo link to a useful website vanishes overnight? From Tonia’s description, Evernote can be a useful way around this danger (the Wayback Machine can be another, although I haven’t been 100 percent successful there). Whatever you think of the application, the challenges of saving virtual information for unlimited future reference are something to ponder.

Really related? Uh-oh, the Robert Pattinson/Twilight/Vlad the Impaler “ancestry story” now officially has Skeptical Quotation Marks on it. Bummer! A bunch of really mean genealogy types who, you know, like facts and stuff went and ruined it. [Editor note: In actuality, this blog has the utmost respect for facts and stuff. The Archaeologist has been sent to her room until her attitude improves.] (h/t to Transylvanian Dutch.)

Really down the shore: On a scorcher of a weekend it was a pleasure to read Judy’s lovely reminisces of the Jersey Shore at Genealogy Gals. The old family photographs are just gorgeous, and she truly captures the family spirit that’s the essence of being down the shore — a spirit that does survive for this Jersey Girl, no matter how many so-called “reality shows” persist in trashing the place. [Editor note: How’d you like the Skeptical Quotation Marks?]

Now excuse me, I’ve got a beach bag to pack. Have a happy week!