Too cool for my own good

About a year ago, I took up bicycling. Some people might call it “road cycling,” but I am not one of those hard-core types. You know, the ones who have to have the latest equipment, the ones who obsess over the latest techniques.

Nuh-uh. I may think it’s fun to ride 25 miles and up a couple of mountainsides, but I would never be like that.

I don’t even own a brightly colored, zipper-covered cycling jersey that makes me look like I just came off the Tour de France. I was bragging about this recently when a fellow rider said mildly, “Well, you know, all those zippered pockets do come in handy.”

Suddenly, I felt counterproductive, not romantically rebellious.

This exchange got me to thinking about ways in which this kind of reverse snobbery has affected my genealogy. I haven’t gone so far as to avoid computer genealogy programs (thank you, Reunion!!).

But it took me a good year of saying, “Nah, I don’t NEED that gimmick” before I consistently started using the Shoebox feature on Of course I could squirrel away those records on my own. I’d just jot the image number down in my handy notebook … now where was that notebook? And that pen?

And lately, I’ve been thinking a master genealogy task chart might not be a bad idea, as opposed to all the little task lists I stubbornly cling to for each family group. Of course, I would never be that geeky … except it might actually help me get more done.

I wonder what other helpful short-cuts I’ve been missing?


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