Library cuts: ‘Nuff said.

“Some persons may hold the view that the public library is a sort of luxury to be indulged in when money is easy, but to be put aside when the economic shoe pinches.  The period of depression has proven quite the contrary.  People have flocked to the libraries in greatly increased numbers, finding there recreation of the highest type at a minimum of cost, and also means of study in preparation for the old job which will surely some day again need its faithful servant, or for the new job which will give the individual a better opportunity to earn a living and to enjoy life.”

— Judge Edwin L. Garvin, President of the Brooklyn Library Board of Trustees, 1932.

h/t to Richard Reyes-Gavilan, Central Library chief, at Brooklynology, the Brooklyn Public Library blog.


3 Comments on “Library cuts: ‘Nuff said.”

  1. Linda Bonavita says:

    I’m so glad you posted this, Liz. Libraries are true jewels in our society.
    Thank you !

    • You’re welcome, you guys! Amazing how apt the quote still is. My husband is a volunteer math tutor at our library, and recent cuts in hours have left some of the kids in the program without their tutoring, because the scheduling won’t work. Very sad.

  2. Most aptly stated. Thank you for sharing.

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