The links post, 4.26.10

Happy Monday! Don’t you hate people who say that? Sorry.

I sure wish I were at the National Genealogical Society’s conference in Salt Lake City this week. I see historian David McCullough will be speaking. Brooklyn history fans should not miss McCullough’s riveting The Great Bridge, about the Roebling family and struggle to build the beautiful bridge that still gives my heart a little lift every time I see it.

Also in Brooklyn: The last holdout against the massive Atlantic Yards development project threw in the towel last week — probably inevitable, but sad nonetheless for those of us researching roots in this neighborhood near downtown Brooklyn. I keep telling myself that New York City’s history is all about tearing things down and building things up, but still, the demise of my great-grandparents’ old neighborhood is depressing.

Tragic: In Wisconsin, a burglar made off with computer equipment that held 15 years’ worth of genealogy research, not to mention irreplaceable family photos. I sincerely wish the sheriff’s department the best in reuniting the computer with its owner. And I’m curious — I’m sure we all back up our data regularly (right?). But how many of us have off-site backups of our data?

Saints in the family? Good Catholic girl that I am, I have to admit I initially thought this article was about Latter-Day Saints,  being a genealogy article and all. However, the Atlanta Constitution-Journal is discussing Alan J. Koman’s book about tracing ancestry back to Catholic saints, 275 of whom are given biographical sketches. Sounds like a rather interesting reference work.

Happy Monday … um, I meant, have a nice week.


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