Celebrity Genealogy Fun (which never happens to me)

So now we see, via E! online, that Madonna and Ellen DeGeneres are 11th cousins. E! thoughtfully includes side-by-side pictures which you can study to see how they totally resemble one another, sort of.

This discovery comes to us courtesy of Ancestry.com’s research department, and all I can say is I wish I had that sort of time to work on my stuff. But then, they are doing it for a living. Also, of course, they are the research engine behind Who Do You Think You Are?, with which I recently became current with a marathon Hulu.com viewing. (So far I like Lisa Kudrow’s episode best.)

There’s a kind of trashy glitz to celebrity genealogy stories that makes me roll my eyes. But no, I can’t look away. Maybe someday I too will find an 11th cousin who is a major international star. Although I’m not betting heavily on the possibility.


2 Comments on “Celebrity Genealogy Fun (which never happens to me)”

  1. jo says:

    thanks for the information. I have enjoyed the show. I guess for not just the process and that maybe it will inspire others. Just for the stimulation of thoughts it provokes. Reminders too.
    At least actors can handel some things maybe better.
    haven’t seen the first one. and hopefully after i miss friday night I will find it online.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Jo! I like the show too — agree that it’s inspiring. You can definitely find all the episodes at Hulu.com — search for “Who Do You Think You Are”. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t watch shows online 🙂

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