Celebrity Genealogy Fun (which never happens to me)

So now we see, via E! online, that Madonna and Ellen DeGeneres are 11th cousins. E! thoughtfully includes side-by-side pictures which you can study to see how they totally resemble one another, sort of.

This discovery comes to us courtesy of Ancestry.com’s research department, and all I can say is I wish I had that sort of time to work on my stuff. But then, they are doing it for a living. Also, of course, they are the research engine behind Who Do You Think You Are?, with which I recently became current with a marathon Hulu.com viewing. (So far I like Lisa Kudrow’s episode best.)

There’s a kind of trashy glitz to celebrity genealogy stories that makes me roll my eyes. But no, I can’t look away. Maybe someday I too will find an 11th cousin who is a major international star. Although I’m not betting heavily on the possibility.