Ancestral Dish: Sludge? Stew? Slumgullion!

An update, 28 November 2013: Slumgullion has almost as many devotees as Anything f’Thanksgiving! And so I give thanks today to all who have posted comments below about their family memories of this ultimate clean-the-refrigerator-out dish. The variations continue to intrigue me. I cannot say why my family’s Slumgullion recipe is the way it is, but on the other hand, maybe that’s what makes it Slumgullion.


Yes, this workaday classic was going to be October’s Dish of the Month, but October ran away with us. Now here we are in November, when we’re all supposed to be arguing about the best way to roast the turkey.

Well, we can’t have Thanksgiving every day, my dears. On the other hand we could have slumgullion every day, if we dared.

What is slumgullion? If you’re Irish-American and you grew up in the pre-convenience food era, you probably already know.
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