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Hulk Teach Grammar! Spelling Too!

Kinda fell in love a bit with @DrunkHulk on the Twitter as he set the record straight today:


In Today’s Unsurprising News

Young people on Twitter do not know the same things as old people know!

(In other news: My music is great, and your music is not.)

Pointless Fun: T-Shirt Of Note

Is this not a great idea for a T-shirt, Anglophiles?

It comes courtesy of the good folk of Lichfield, an English cathedral town beloved by 18th-century hipsters including Samuel Johnson, David Garrick and Erasmus Darwin. I believe Dr. Johnson is cavorting on the shirt logo with his drinking buddy biographer Boswell. I don’t know if they’re still making them, but goodness, what a fashion statement.

Via the lovely blog Memoirs of the Celebrated Mrs Woffington, which unfortunately appears to be on hiatus at the moment, but whose archives contain amusing musings about 18th-century personalities and culture.

OT: Grammar Lesson

My fifth-grade English teacher, Mrs. Ward, taught us nominative and accusative pronouns by teaching us to recite them like a football chant: “I! You! He-She-It! We! You! They!
Well, Mrs. Ward would have loved this gem, shared by a friend on Facebook (original Facebook link here). I have to say it’s the most elegant, painless grammar lesson I’ve seen in quite a while, possibly since the football cheering pronouns.

From now on, every time I’m wondering about a grammar question, I’m going to be thinking about that bar.

Pointless Fun: My Cat Does Not Like Genealogy

In which my cat Mac* expresses his opinion of a National Archives video I was viewing. I do not share Mac’s sense of this presentation, you understand. I found it a good introduction to NARA’s records on Regular Army personnel, as opposed to volunteer personnel.

What do cats know?

*Mac is not named after my preference in computers. That would be totally clichéd. He’s named after a movie character (which is not at all a cliché’! Nope!) — Dr. MacDhui, played by Patrick McGoohan in The Three Lives Of Thomasina. And yes, Mac has a sister named Thomasina. Whaddya gonna do.


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